What Really Matters: The Wellsprings of Memory


The article explores of the importance of memory in molding individual's success in the future. Memory is the ability or power to bring out experiences into the present and future successes. It s...

Memory-Enhancing Activity of Thespesia populnea in Rats


Thespesia populnea Soland ex. Correa (Malvaceae) is a large tree found in the tropical regions and coastal forests of India. Various parts of Thespesia populnea are found to possess useful medici...

Good Memory


The article focuses on the significance of yoga in enhancing memory and focus. The samskara, vital tenet of yoga that becomes the basic idea of plasticity, a field in neuroscience. Dharma Singh K...

Good Cholesterol Linked to Better Memory


The article reports on the therapeutic effects of high density lipoprotein (HDL) not only in preventing heart attack and stroke but also in acquiring good memory. A long-term study was conducted ...

Preserving and improving memory as we age


The article presents ways on how to protect and sharpen the minds of older people. It states the advice of experts about the significant role of advanced education in keeping memory strong by get...

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